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Baby’s First Dentist Appt

Of course as a first time mom you worry about everything, and I was concerned about how my daughter’s teeth were coming in. She just turned one in November. With a little chipped tooth and tough molars coming in, I wanted to have a dentist give them a look. After looking up many dentists on google, this seemed to be the right one for her. Close to our house and her pediatrician, I knew where it was. We were greeted by friendly staff. I got there a little early to fill out first time paperwork. She was seen promptly, good for a one year old, and our technician was great in explaining what was going to happen. The dentist came in with a smile, gave me the heads up that she would most likely cry, but that was good so that he would be able to see all her teeth. He checked her over, and told me that things were good, and what to look out for. Yes there was some little tears, but after a squeeze from me, she was fine. She even got a new toothbrush and a sticker after. She proudly walked back to the car with her loot in hand. A great check up! Thank you!!

Great practice!

You guys are reliable, friendly, and good at what you do. Jenny is a great hygienist.

excellent Care

It has been a wonderful experience for the entire family.

Great Customer Service

Great place to go to and they make you feel like your at home.

Eric is great

Great experience with Dr Eric. Good pain control and helpful explanation of procedures.



Wicked Awesome!

The friendly staff, beautiful decor and passionate doctors make trips to the dentist a wonderful experience.

For years…..

I have been a patient for a number of years. The staff does a great job of lowering the stress level that is sometimes associated with a visit to the dentist office. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Eric are true professionals.

Recent Visit

Great staff very professional. I was recommended by a friend and each visit has been great.


I absolutely love this staff!!! Everyone in that office is so nice!! I really enjoy talking to them. As nervous as I am to go to the Dentist , they work hard and making me feel comfortable. Thank you!! Bufano & Bufano”