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Digital Radiography

  • Less waiting time
  • Shorter appointments
  • Better understanding of treatment

Digital radiography is a process that uses computer technology to capture, display, enhance and store dental radiographic images.

Digital radiography offers several advantages over film-based image systems. Some of these advantages are: improved diagnostic accuracy, decreased patient radiation exposure, reduced patient waiting time, and elimination of chemical processes.

Digital radiography enables the dentist to more effectively communicate with other health professionals by allowing transmission of dental images in a matter of minutes for the purposes of discussing care plans, or even to provide immediate consult while a patient is undergoing treatment.

  • The captured image is displayed on the computer screen, saving time over the traditional paper x-rays.
  • Digital radiographs also do not need any chemicals for developing, rendering them environmental friendly as well.
  • Digital Radiographs also provide larger and far detailed images, comparatively. Modern computing software also permits extensive handling of the image – magnification, rotation, contrast adjustment and even color coding of the various element of the tooth for educational purposes.